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Women’s Business Summit

If you’ve ever felt the pressure of juggling career, family and personal interests then the Advance Women’s Business Summit is for you!

We understand how to uncover and overcome limiting beliefs that hinder your professional growth.

For the past fifteen years we’ve helped hundreds of women get focused, clearly define what’s holding them back, and given them practical tools to improve the most important aspects of their life and their business.

At the Advance Women’s Business Summit you’ll learn how to re-shape your leadership for ultimate success.

  • Turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths.

  • Feel more fulfilled in business and in life.

  • Stop spinning your wheels.

Through this high-impact, high-profile business conference, you’ll enjoy the support of like-minded women and learn to establish true work-life balance.

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Women’s Faith Conference

Are you tired of living a mediocre life? Are you ready to beat the status quo? We’ve been there.

We know what it feels like to be surrounded by a darkness that tells you, “Nothing will ever change. You’ll always be this way.”

Our team at the Advance Women’s Conference has helped hundreds of women go from unsuccessful, insecure and struggling in their emotions, to bold, and confident women whose lives work!

  • Understand what keeps holding you back.

  • Advance your heart and your relationships.

  • Unleash the power of God within you.

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Mexico 2020 Mission Trip

Join the Graceworks team in Tampico, Mexico in January 2020 for the trip of a lifetime as you’ll assist local churches in region to minister to their communities and create positive engagement with their cultural.