Is Your Life Working? If Not, Here's How You Can Identify What's Going Wrong

We all know that as Christians our lives should display the fruit of the Spirit.  But other than becoming more loving, patient, or kind, are there any other ways to tell that your life is working?

Here is a list of indicators that God is actually working in you, or in other words, this is what a Christian’s life should look like when they’re in fellowship with God.

  • You have an ability to quickly admit faults or offense, accept responsibility for your actions, and ask for forgiveness.

  • You’re transparent about your relationship with God, evidenced by an nearly uncontrollable desire to testify about God’s goodness in your life.

  • You’re willing to limit your own freedoms for the sake of benefitting others.

  • You have a desire to discipline yourself, not only for yourself, but for your posterity.

  • You have the ability to change course quickly especially when you see how your choices are negatively affecting you or those around you.

  • You live an “others” focused lifestyle.

  • You have a desire to serve others for the sake of serving, rather than serving others to be validated or noticed.

  • You don’t have to have things only your own way.

  • You’re established in God’s value for you, and you desire to help others find their value in God, too.

  • You maintain a sense of peace and well being, or have a feeling that “all is right with the world,” in light of your position in Christ.

  • You’re not so busy that it’s impossible to enjoy relationships/life in the here and now.

  • You’re okay if God is “increasing”, even if it seems that you may be simultaneously “decreasing”.

  • Your life becomes less “me” focused, (i.e. “What will make me happy?”), and more kingdom focused, (i.e. “What will make God happy?”)

  • You have clarity about the future; not necessarily where you’re going, but on who will be with you along your journey.

  • You’re not focused on changing yourself, but on being transformed by God through deep, personal fellowship with him.

  • You live a life defined by favorable encounters, not anxious endeavors.

  • Even though you face struggles from time to time, your life “works.”

  • You desire to demonstrate to others a sense of“belonging” despite their outward appearance and even their behavior.

  • You refrain from judging people, (i.e. assuming you know the reasons why peopel do what they do), and refrain from judging God, (i.e. “This must have happened to me, because…”).

  • You rest in the labor, and labor into the rest.

  • You have no need to be in “control”; You’re glad to relinquish control in favor of honoring the gifts of someone else who may have better answers or solutions, than what you currently have.

  • You’re excited to store up your treasures in heaven; you don’t feel swindled by God when you give of your time, talents or money.

  • You have supernatural strength and wisdom for each task and each circumstance.

  • You have an ability to give and receive a timely word.

  • You desire to plant the word deeply in your heart.

  • You desire to water and cultivate the word by removing the weeds of sin, which so easily entangle.

  • You have an ability to confess your righteousness in the midst of sin or “sinful behavior.”

  • Grace is so affecting your own life that it overflows to affect others.

  • Others begin to comment on the impact you’ve made in their lives.

  • Others look to you as a role model and an example of Jesus residing in a person’s heart.

  • You display a contagious excitement regarding life.

  • You have the feeling of limitless opportunities.

  • Your outside reflects a care for the image you are portraying of God both in physical appearance and in actions toward others.

  • You have a discerning heart, evidenced by consistently making right choices about your life.

  • You’re frustrated with the “status quo”.

  • You have a desire to make a difference/impact the world.

  • You have an ability to see as an important part of history and God’s plan for the redemption of humankind.

  • You have a willingness to be vulnerable about your weaknesses, but you don’t elevate your physical or emotional weaknesses above your spiritual reality in Christ.

  • You have a renewed boldness in sharing the truth of God’s word.

Of course no list could ever encompass all the characteristics of a person transformed by the grace of God, but I believe if Jesus has really changed our lives, it will be evidenced by the above mentioned features. If the grace of God doesn’t transform us, then whether we admit it or not, we have inadvertently demonstrated that Jesus’ words have fallen on ground too hard to receive them.

Cindy Smith