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Do you struggle wondering why life has to be so hard?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with life?

  • Are you unsure what you’re even looking for in life?

  • Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?

  • Do you wonder why everyone else can get what they want out of life but you?

  • Do you have everything that is supposed to make your life happy, but you’re still unfilled?

  • Do you need more money to finance your dreams?

  • Have you tried everything and nothing works?

  • Do you experience periodic breakthroughs only to slip back into old habits?

  • Do you need a clear-cut plan to get your family back on track?

  • Is time slipping away and you’re still no closer to your fulfilling dreams?

Do you ever feel confused, hopeless, and isolated?

Listen to these four life-changing stories from Erin, Becky, Jaime and Amanda and discover how you can:

  • overcome anxiety, depression and substance abuse,

  • experience breakthroughs from the past,

  • learn to rise above your challenges by transforming your identity.


An online course that gives you the tools to change any area of your life any time.

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NfluenceU works for stay at home moms to corporate leaders.

  • Working moms

  • College students

  • Teens

  • Athletes

  • High-performers

  • Pastors

  • Consultants

  • Professionals

  • Small business owners


If you’re ready to learn how to overcome any obstacle any time you wish, you need NfluenceU.